XAT Rules

O.K.Most of you know,well,pretty much EVERYBODY ELSE’S rules for XAT,but some people choose to ignore them on my blog.So,here we go.
1.NO CUSSING.I already banned someone forever because of cussing.SO DON’T CUSS!
2.No advertising.I banned someone for 1 hour because she advertised,but,I have thought of a better solution.If you want to advertise,PM me and ask.Include what you want to advertise.I will view it,and say yes or no.
Note:If I say no,it’s nothing against you.I just DON’T want it advertised on my XAT.
3.NO PERSONAL INFO!If you want to be allowed on my XAT,you will not ASK for personal info,nor GIVE IT.
4.No trading.I don’t care if it’s Fantage accounts,or erasers,or phone numbers,or addresses.YOU.WILL.NOT.TRADE.
5.No spamming!This is OK:Hi :). How are you? This,however, is NOT OK:HAIIII:) šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ :).HGFHSTRHBGVCVDSGTHJHBV
That’s all of the rules I can think of for now!If you have a rule you think I would like,comment it.If I like it and put it up here,I will include 1 thing of your choice!It could be your WordPress name,Fantage name,blog, anything.


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