Here are my blog games!:

1. So,go to the Comments RIGHT NOW and comment a noun!The first person to comment a noun,I will say a fact about it! Then,the next person can either write a DIFFERENT fact about the noun,or comment a different noun.But,there has to be at least 1 fact for every noun!
2. So,this is for only if you’ve read or seen Hunger Games.
So,in the comments below,you comment a character off of Hunger Games.It has to be 1 that hasn’t been commented yet. Then,you are that person.
I’m going to hide fruit names around the HOME PAGE.If you find one,say “I found ___ at _____. Then,the fruit is YOURS and no one else can take it.Every time you find food,you get 10 points for each piece of fruit.
I will be doing the same with weapons.So,how the fruit works,the weapons work.Then,if you’re ready,here are the controls (for the XAT Box)
Corny=Going to Cornicopia (If you use this one,I’ll tell you what you find.Based on what you find,you’ll get points.)
Hide=Found a hiding spot
Come=Comes out of your hiding spot
Attack ______=Attack whoever you “see” that’s NOT in hiding.If you attack,you will GAIN 5 point,and the person you attacked will LOSE 5.
Then,when enough people are dead,it goes to DEATH MATCH!There are NO controls except attack for DEATH MATCH!


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