Mean people on fantage

Ok everyone. Here, I’ll be putting usernames of mean people on fantage.
Scammers: 2cwl4u;kayi89 (this one scmed me!); erikaemerald
Hackers: currently no hackers I know of ~updating~
Cussers: I forgot his name…… Darn!

Just…….RUDE People……Or anyone NOT right: kevin_mmm_baby
you got more? Email me them at


5 thoughts on “Mean people on fantage

  1. Ikr, I agree with all the ppl here *sniff* and also I notices tht every other year fantage gets filled with pervs…..
    2011-lots of pervs!
    2013-even more pervs!
    2015-extra pervs!
    And also u should add pervs to the mean ppl section!

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