How To Earn……..

Hey guys! Today I’m going to be showing you some things and how you can earn them.


1. Play games! You might have to be patient for this one, so if you’re not patient, do some of the other things.

2. Daily spin. You will not always get stars, but you could, so it’s up here.

3. Lucky Bob’s. You could either:

A: Sell items you have and don’t want.

B: Buy items so you can sell them.

C: When they sell stickers, go to Fantage School, make a classroom, and you will get stickers. Then go sell them.

4. Creature Arena. If you have a creature, which, if you don’t, you can get one, go to Creature Arena. There will be stars lying around. Go collect them.

5. Get a job! What I mean is, get a waiter or waitress’ outfit. You can buy them. Then, you can wait for people, get your friends, or other accounts. They will order food, and when they do, serve it to them. If you’re lucky, they will give you a tip.

6. Fashion! Go to Top Model’s in Downtown. When you host a fashion show, you get 95 stars. If you are in a fashion show, unless you get last place, you get stars (amount varies.).







1. Don’t be mean to people. If you are a mean bully, people won’t want to be your friend.

2. Have a nice conversation. Don’t go like this:

You: Hai stwanger

Person: Ummmmm….. hi?

You: I leik pancackes wid Nutwella

Person: *Leaves*

Instead, go like this:

You: Hi! How’s your day?

Person: Good thanks!

You: Do you wanna play a game together?

Person: Yeah, let’s go!

That’s pretty much all you need to get friends!


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