free fantage non accounts

So here is where I will put up some non accounts. I might even be putting rares/mem accounts. But on another page and you have to find a password. Because it’s not fair that you can just grab a mem/rare account for free. So right now, I only have one. That sucks because some of you have accounts that don’t have good stuff. So, I will make a few more accounts and earn gems for those and get rare items and eCoins so they can get mem stuff and mem rares. Right now, the only one I do have, is one that doesn’t have rares or mem. Ugh…So I’m going to earn gems for that account. And I want to let nons have accounts that are like mem accounts but are not but have mem stuff. Especially poster. So, I’m gonna uh hm update this page once a week ’cause like I’m getting accounts.

I’m going to put one for now and see how trustworthy you guys are. Either you are caring or un-caring [TnT I ain’t know the word for that] So i can see whether I should give you free accounts or not. So, I will first put the accounts username and then the pass. I will check on each account everyday, beware.

username: aw1515

password: j61770

This account is a non level 6. I am trying to get it more stuff and everything so don’t come to me and say;” OMG! Ugh. This account is so sucky and it has nothing! Stop putting these stupid accounts please!” If you really wanna say that stuff, I don’t wanna hear it. Clear?



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