So here are a collection of blingees we made.

Minh’s Blingee’s





Poster’s Blingees:

Oppa Gangnam Style

Love,Love,Lonely (Sorry Edward!) (click to make these bigger)




Pretty Ariana Grande!!!!

Selena Gomez:Red Carpet

Before:Selena Gomez After:A Swirl!

JB!(Mary Don't See This)


Happy Heart Art


20 thoughts on “Blingees!!

    • First, download your blingee on your computer. Then click edit this page. Then you click the add media button then click the upload files tab. Then click select files and find the blingee and double click. Wait till it loads and click the blue button that says, Insert into page. Then click update and you’re done!

    • Uggh We didn’t I made that mustache blingee and then Poster said to make a blingee page. So I did. They can accuse all they want to but lots of blogs have blingee pages so why don’t you accuse everyone? It’s not like you invented the idea of putting blingee’s on a blog. So you can back off.

  1. Do we have a rose or a mustache that has been copied to your blog? No. So I apoligize for a misunderstanding. I will definetly talk to whoever told you that because I know 6 other blogs that have blingee pages on them

  2. Why did you do this to me? Dont talk to me ever. I thought you wouldnt say it but now you blew it. I should have never been your friend EVER!

    • Geez Madison. Sensitive much? All I did was tell her that you told me first. Whats wrong with that? Anyways, Ashley told me that they didn’t think we copied so it’s over. Madison, I still don’t understand what I did wrong. So…

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