Help Me?

Hey guys! So, I have come to a conclusion on why you guys follow this blog and not my other blog. My guess is simply, you guys like Fantage. So, I am going to add Fantage pages to my other blog. My issue is, what about Fantage should I put on my blog? I kinda really need help with this,so I would love it if you could give me ideas in the comments! And I decided to ask you guys on this blog and not my other one because

A, you guys obviously like Fantage, so you guys would know. And B, I have about, oh, I don’t know, 88 more followers on this blog then my recent blog. So I need ideas to make my blog better! Thanks so much guys!


Poster ❤


One thought on “Help Me?

  1. Add Outfits Of The Day some of us can’t decide what to wear everyday! ps. if you already have this I don’t follow your blog I just check on it every once and a while

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