Hey guys! I’m just going to give you a few quick updates on life.
So, a friend of mine has been trying to teach me how to long board. I’m not very good at it, obviously! But I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t fall every 5 seconds, which is progress.
I have a new favorite movie. Are you gonna guess? Are you gonna try? Are you getting irritated that I’m asking so many questions? Well, my new favorite movie is Expelled. AwesomenessTV made it, which already makes it the best movie. But, are you ready for this? Cameron Dallas is in it!!!!!!!! That makes me very happy.
Unless you are literally living under a rock, you would know it’s 2015! You known what that means? According to Back To The Future 2, we are supposed to dress insanely, have automatic restaurants and shoes, hoverboards, flying cars and more! I guess somebody got their calculations wrong.
So yeah, thank you for reading! I’ll see you soon!
Posterworld ❤


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