Anyone tell me how to freaking Feature a post!
I’ll give 1000 eCoins. O.O


12 thoughts on “Anyone.

  1. Or do you mean sticky post, like a welcome post? You create a post, then the right, it says visibility. Click it, then under public, click the box by stick this post to the front

  2. You mean stick a post? Well, on the side. Before you publish a post. It has a box where you check off. Click the visibility. And click the button that says,” Stick this post in front of a page.”
    I think that’s what U mean.

  3. Oh, easy! 1. New post 2. Go to side and find the “Publish” section 3. There will be a “Visibility” marked “Public” 4. Press “Edit” 5. Under “Public” when you click “Edit” there should be a box where next to it says “Stick this post to the front page” 6. Click the box to mark it 7. Press “OK” 8. Press publish and you’re done! (Ahem, now my 1,000 eCoins xD)

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